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Evoknit Backpack 270,00 from 179,00
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Porsche Design sports bags - universal talents with intelligent inner design.

Luggage that is not only comfortable, but above all luxurious - this combination is made possible by the Porsche Design sports bag collection. Discover high-quality everyday backpacks, sporty duffle bags and tough backpacks and find your new exclusive companion for short trips, sporty adventures and long journeys.

Lifestyle sports backpacks and sports bags for men

Sports bags are not only functional accessories, but also an expression of a sense for quality and state-of-the-art designs. Our sports bags for men inspire with elegant aesthetics and exclusive materials, paired with a pleasant feel and smart features. The BACKPACK guarantees its wearer absolute flexibility in everyday life. Ergonomic shoulder straps and a supportive hip belt ensure an optimal fit, while sports gear or luggage can easily be stored in the large main compartment. You can transport your high-quality sunglasses safely and quickly within reach in the specially integrated sunglasses case. Practical and classy at the same time: the reflective Porsche Design logo.

The Porsche Design Gym Duffle Bag is the ideal gym companion for men who value high quality combined with multifunctionality and an elegant look. Sportswear, sports shoes and care products find space in the sports bag with the intelligent division and are quickly at hand.

For urban everyday life, the KNIT BACKPACK is the ideal companion - the sports backpack impresses visually especially with its technoid-looking melange knit surface. In the main section of the exclusive backpack, laptop and important documents are safely stored. Intelligent features such as the hidden inner pockets for valuables turn the backpack with its clean design into a reliable and stylish partner in everyday life.

Exclusive sports bags for men - that's what counts

In the Porsche Design collection, you can expect exclusive backpacks and sports bags with a timeless look and thoughtful design. A smartly divided interior helps you to transport sportswear and valuables separately and safely. Each element of your luggage has its own place and is thus immediately at hand. An important factor in comfort: shoulder straps, back padding and ventilation zones. Padded straps, an ergonomic hip belt and a low dead weight contribute to the unmistakably comfortable feel of Porsche Design sports bags. The use of high-performance polyester ensures that the sports bags and backpacks are durable and robust to join you on any adventure.