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Porsche Design sports pants for men

A pair of sports pants or training pants should not be missing from any fashion collection. At Porsche Design, you can expect a multifaceted range of clothing for everyday life and sports for a fit yet relaxed attitude to life. The sports pants for men from our collection inspire first and foremost as comfortable, uncomplicated and at the same time stylish all-rounders.

Sports pants for men - not only for leisure time

Long gone are the days when training pants and fitness pants for men were used exclusively in the gym or for jogging. This ingenious piece of clothing is simply too good to be worn only during a workout. In recent decades, sports pants for men have become a fashion statement and a symbol of a casual, relaxed and urban lifestyle. This is exactly why you will find high quality designer sweatpants for men in our collection that will impress you with exclusive details and materials.

Nowadays, designer sweatpants for men can be worn for these occasions:

  • In sports, whether indoor or outdoor. In a gym, often a pair of shorts is the right choice, when jogging in the early morning, ankle-length sports pants for men provide more comfort.
  • At home, where sweatpants invite you to relax and offer maximum freedom of movement. Also for work in the home office, this lifestyle clothing is suitable like no other.
  • High-quality materials and understatement are also the right choice when meeting with friends in a casual atmosphere.
  • Even on a trip with family to the nearest park, zoo or beach, you do not sacrifice elegance with stylish sports pants. 
  • When hiking, in which case sports pants made of a lightweight and durable fabric are recommended. In this case, 2-in-1 sports pants with detachable trouser legs can be converted into summery, airy shorts in no time at all.
  • On vacation, style and comfort are important, which is why high-quality sweatpants for men made of premium textiles should not be missing. 
  • During a long car ride, because sports pants for men are ideal not only for exercise, but also for long sitting.
  • During a train or plane trip, because even in this case fitness pants for men offer a stylish comfort solution.
To complete the sporty-chic outfits, you can choose exclusive functional jackets, shirts and sports shoes from our collections.

Sports and training pants - innovation meets comfort

High-quality sports pants for men represent a successful combination of a comfortable fit, functional details and exclusive high-tech fabrics. Details such as a wide and elastic waistband, a drawstring for a precise fit and several zippered pockets ensure an optimal wearing experience.

Our pants collection - that's not only exclusive designs, but also functional material mixes with a balanced temperature and moisture management. Whether you wear your men's sports pants while jogging and at the gym or use them in style at home and on the go - the breathable materials made of natural and synthetic fibers impress with their quality.