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Sport TWS Earphones PDT40 199,00
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Porsche Design headphones - exclusive and ultra-modern

Our high-quality design headphones are an absolute highlight, both technically and visually. Like all Porsche Design products, they impress with their minimalist, clean look and the usual top performance in terms of flexibility, functionality and power. The Motion One Headphones set new standards for all in-ear headphones: wireless, high-quality workmanship and designed for a fast-paced lifestyle without compromise, they do just about everything. With IPX5 rating, for example, they are waterproof and can therefore be worn at the pool or on the sailboat without any problems. As True Wireless In-Ear Buds, they connect in seconds via modern Bluetooth 4.0-aptX® technology with your smartphone, notebook or tablet and, of course, also with your Porsche, so that you can experience your very own private concert with a great sound spectrum and brilliant tones while touring in a sports car with the top down.

True Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Truly Porsche.

Not just beautiful, stylish and classy - with the wireless in-ear headphones in timeless Porsche Design style, you carry a piece of lifestyle with you. The feeling of class and exclusivity, of high performance, perfect fit and high-quality materials. The Porsche Design True Wireless in-ear headphones are characterized by their crystal-clear, optimally balanced sound and the high level of comfort and flexibility: In addition to being used as ergonomic, wireless Bluetooth headphones, they can also be used with a cable. When used wirelessly, you control your smartphone's hands-free system directly via the in-ear Motion One headphones. The intelligently integrated magnets in the Ear Pieces prevent annoying tangling of the headphones, so they do not get tangled in a backpack or bag and are ready for use at any time. The puristic housing made of high-quality aluminum alloy is particularly robust and stable and exudes a timeless elegance - typical Porsche! 

In-ear design headphones that offer more

Experience: completely wireless non-stop use with one or two in-ear buds for up to 10 hours of operation. Plus, adaptable cables that can be routed down or over the ear thanks to their elasticity. Enjoy crystalline highs, finely tuned midrange and rich, powerful bass. And that's thanks to ultra-light material with a total weight of only 40 grams. Ergonomic and comfortable in-ear speakers ensure the perfect fit. The in-ear headphones are rounded off by their elegant understated design with the classic, subtly placed Porsche Design logo. The design headphones are available in black and black/silver color variants.

Get the Lifestyle In-Ear Headphones from Porsche Design now and experience your favorite songs in a new way!