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Weekender for men - unique design and high performance combined.

More than just a travel bag: a Porsche Design weekender for men is an elegant travel companion you can always rely on: These travel bags are true all-rounders when it comes to uncompromising functionality and stylish design. Porsche Design's collection introduces you to exclusive leather weekender bags and designer travel bags made of high-quality plastics that meet the highest demands.

Exclusive leather weekender from Porsche Design

The perfect weekender should be high-quality, stable and stylish. In the Porsche Design Online Shop you will find travel bags that meet exactly these criteria - and offer even more. In addition to the high-quality materials and precise workmanship, the weekender also impresses with its numerous features and intelligent details:
  • Material: In our collection, you will find leather weekender bags for men as well as travel bags made of high-quality synthetic fabrics. They are ultra-lightweight, yet highly durable and also extremely easy to clean - perfect for exclusive weekender bags that have to function flawlessly on trips and be absolutely robust. The Carbon Weekender from the Porsche Design Weekender collection features high-quality carbon, a high-tech material from the world of motorsport that adds lightness, robustness and a technoid look to the Weekender.
  • Optics: The Porsche Design weekender for men impress with their purist, elegant look without sacrificing comfort and functionality in the slightest. Thanks to the minimalist design, these travel companions inspire both on business trips and in leisure time and blend harmoniously with a wide variety of outfits - from elegant to casual. The embossed Porsche Design lettering on your leather weekender sets a clear statement for good taste and quality awareness.
  • Volume: Your men's weekender should have plenty of room for a laptop, important documents, clothing and grooming products - the bags from our Porsche Design collection range in size from 20 to 50 liters - perfect for business as well as short trips.
  • Interior of your travel bag: a smartly divided interior with a variety of lockable pockets helps you to transport luggage in a space-saving and secure way. Thanks to a thoughtful interior structure, you can find pens, reading glasses, car keys and smartphone with just one handle when traveling.
  • Reinforced Bottom: This feature adds durability and stability to your designer travel bag.
Porsche's weekender bags are more than just travel bags - they all represent timeless elegance and quality without compromise. The Roadster Weekender is one of those pieces with rarity value: it is limited to 100 pieces and is made in Italy. The designer travel bag also includes wash bags in matching design - you can't travel more in class than this. Express your sense of style to the outside world while benefiting from the unique functionality and unique quality of Porsche Design travel bags.