Fountain Pens

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Fine fountain pens from Porsche Design - exclusive writing instruments for elegant lettering

Fountain pens are writing instruments with a history that found its beginnings in the 17th century. The fine fountain pens from Porsche Design combine this tradition with the modern demands for top performance and technical perfection without compromise. 

The current collection of writing instruments from Porsche Design thus impresses with a successful combination of timelessly beautiful looks, sophisticated manufacturing technology and outstanding functionality. A fine fountain pen is far more than just a writing tool. It is a prestigious eye-catcher and a statement of your loyalty to lasting values.

Three reasons for fine pens from Porsche Design

Are you looking for a fountain pen with a gold nib or another noble fountain pen? Then take a look around our collection of selected writing instruments. There are at least three reasons for you to choose a fine fountain pen from Porsche Design: 
  1. A fine fountain pen is a miniature work of art that delights with its rich detail, shapely design and ideal proportions. This writing instrument is a magnet for the eye and a status symbol. As a work of art, the writing instrument has a lasting value and outlasts generations.
  2. High-quality fountain pens are functional down to the last detail. They benefit from a technically advanced ink-guiding system that ensures even ink flow. The fine nib guarantees an elegant stroke and clean writing. The ergonomically shaped noble fountain pen lies comfortably in the hand so that even longer handwritten texts are easy for you.
  3. Design-quality fountain pens also refine your handwriting. No other writing instrument flatters your handwritten notes like a fountain pen. The high-quality nib moves effortlessly across the paper. With an exclusive fountain pen, you succeed in giving your texts an individual touch and making what you write down unique.

High-quality pens from Porsche Design - the most beautiful writing utensils briefly presented

The Solid Fountain Pen with the iconic Porsche Design logo impresses with a purist design solution and a barrel of durable titanium. The noble gold nib with rhodium coating skillfully rounds off the perfectly shaped look of the fountain pen and ensures a harmonious appearance. The innovative PVD finishing process provides the pleasant feel of the smooth yet non-slip surfaces. The Solid Fountain Pen writes finely and cleanly, quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanism, you will find it easy to operate this high-quality fountain pen.

Like its counterparts among the ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, the Tec Flex Fountain Pen impresses with highly durable yet aesthetically sophisticated stainless steel mesh. This high-tech solution originates from motorsports and guarantees maximum durability, high elasticity, and outstanding tactile properties. This noble fountain pen with gold nib is a filigree collector's item with unlimited service life.