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Porsche Design fragrances and high-quality care products for a harmonious feeling of wellness

Our collection's exclusive body care and exquisite fragrance creations inspire with noble aromas and high-quality formulas. Are you looking for a perfume or eau de toilette, a refreshing shower gel or aftershave, a shampoo with a distinctive scent, or a unique deodorant for men or women? The fragrances and high-quality care products from Porsche Design transform your bathroom into a luxurious wellness oasis. Start the new day well-groomed and in the best mood, or finish the hectic day's events with gentle, high-quality body care. 

Also, as a thoughtful surprise for friends, colleagues and loved ones, a noble perfume gift box or exclusive body care set with luxury flair is just the right thing.

High-quality body care and fine fragrances - what to look for when buying?

If you are in the process of choosing a new body care product, then you should pay attention to these aspects:

Not only perfumes but also most body care products have a particular scent. Decide whether sparkling citrus notes, masculine musk aromas, warm cedar nuances, or perhaps fruity berry scents appeal to you the most. Imagine the new care product as an element of your unique fragrance composition combined with your perfume or favorite shower gel. Ideally, all the fragrances you use will harmonize with each other.

Fragrances for women and men from Porsche Design with noble aromas

Our collection seduces with exclusive fragrances and leaves nothing to be desired. One of the highlights of the perfume collection is the Porsche Design Woman I Satin Eau de Toilette in an iconic purist bottle. In this enchanting fragrance, peach and bergamot, jasmine and orange blossom, rose and vanilla comes together to create an exclusive floral and lively composition. The Porsche Design Pure Eau de Toilette delights with the distinctive, masculine design of the bottle and a fragrance where muscatel sage and fresh ozone, romantic, spicy amber, patchouli and vetiver notes meet. Porsche Design 180 Eau de Toilette captivates with masculine nuances characterized by cardamom, black pepper and iced coffee. The unique selling point of the bottle is its functional 180-degree twist mechanism.

High-quality care products for him and her

Porsche Design offers you a multi-faceted range of body care products of outstanding quality and with a distinctive fragrance. The characteristic of our collection is a restrained design with a minimalist touch and sparingly used decorative elements. The Sport Body & Hair Shampoo will win you over with fresh grapefruit aromas combined with rosemary and orange, patchouli and cedar. The Porsche Design Woman I Satin Shower & Bath Gel is a fruity-floral exposition of fragrances with intense peach, rose and violet accents. The dispenser ensures easy and economical dosage so that you can enjoy this exclusive body care even longer.