Metal / Stainless Steel

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Porsche Design prescription eyewear – timelessly elegant metal eyewear.

Metal eyeglasses from Porsche Design are status symbols that express your appreciation of purist elegance in a timeless look. Glasses with metal frames made of titanium or stainless steel convince as a fashion statement that looks harmonious with a serious business suit and a polo shirt [A1], and with which you consciously set a counterpoint to casual streetwear. Discover the exquisite selection of our elegant glasses with metal frames made of stable high-performance materials.

Titanium and stainless steel – perfect frame for metal glasses.

Minimalist stainless steel glasses with titanium frames embody a techy and futuristic style. The materials - stainless steel and high-performance RXP - in combination with each other ensure unrestricted performance - making metal glasses reliable companions in any situation. The titanium or stainless steel frame is resilient, lightweight and also weather and corrosion resistant. 

The filigree-looking frame of the CORRECTION P'8312 glasses contrasts with the wider temples and the striking nose bridge. In combination with the round lens shape, a futuristic modern design is created, which is supported by the color selection: In "light gold" with black temples, you set a puristic fashion statement with these metal glasses. The frame in strong "burgundy" shows pure extravagance. 

Wearers of the CORRECTION P'8380 glasses rely on contrasts: square lenses, a striking frame and sturdy materials create the uniquely technoid design of these glasses. A combination of stainless steel and sturdy high-performance RXP turns the metal glasses from Porsche Design into a reliable companion in all situations.

Select metal glasses to fit the shape of your face

Functionality meets design: your glasses with high-quality metal frames will not only delight you with high wearing comfort, but also flatter your face visually. When choosing your glasses with metal frames, decide which features you want to emphasize:
  • Metal glasses in almost any design will suit a harmonious, oval face with a narrow chin and forehead and a wider cheek area. You can opt for an angular, oval or round frame depending on your taste.
  • With a characterful angular face with prominent features, metal glasses in a rounded shape harmonize perfectly. 
  • For round faces with soft features, angular, striking metal eyeglasses are the perfect match. With an angular frame, they create a balanced overall look. 
Whether purist, classic, contrasting or filigree - with the choice of shape and color design, you decide which fashion statement you want to create with your metal glasses. Embody sporty dynamism or classic elegance and demonstrate absolute style confidence when choosing your glasses.