Shoulder Bags

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Roadster Nylon Travel Pouch CAD 260.00
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Urban Eco Pouch CAD 69.00
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Roadster Nylon Shoulderbag XS CAD 275.00
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Roadster Leather Shoulderbag XS CAD 445.00
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Roadster Nylon Shoulderbag S CAD 310.00
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Roadster Leather Shoulderbag S CAD 495.00
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Front view of product with ean 4046901736101
MV Shyrt Leather Shoulder Bag CAD 455.00 from CAD 319.00
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Men's shoulder bags from Porsche Design - compact, multifunctional, stylish.

The Porsche Design bag collection includes several iconic shoulder bags for men with a timelessly elegant look. Shoulder bags for men are classics and the must-haves among compact bags. In men's Porsche Design shoulder bags e.g. the Voyager or Cervo series, a high level of carrying comfort and intelligently structured interior space meet elegance with a love of detail.

Men's leather shoulder bags - fashion-conscious in every context

Porsche Design shoulder bags for men offer space for everything you need to carry with you in everyday life. Smartphone, car keys, wallet, key case and glasses are stored safely and within easy reach in the stylish leather shoulder bags and pouches.

Thereby, a synthetic fiber or leather shoulder bag for men gets useful in many ways. The main advantage of shoulder bags for men is the practical carrying option, because you always have the hands free. Enjoy a coffee to go , open an umbrella or quickly make a few notes on the upcoming meeting at the bar table in the hotel lobby - with a modern Shoulder Bag you will experience maximum freedom of movement.

A modern and functionally designed Porsche Design bag can be skillfully presented in almost any situation. For your everyday office life and for business meetings, for the private city trip or a business travel, the men's shoulder bags are equally well suited.

For a short trip, simply round off your luggage with a weekender or trolley to safely transport a change of clothes and travel accessories. Of course, the shoulder bag is not only suitable for traveling by car, but also for taking the train or as a smart hand luggage solution for your next flight.

What defines Porsche Design shoulder bags?

In its current collection, Porsche Design presents exclusive shoulder bags in design quality with the iconic logo. A characteristic feature of our bags is their sleek look combined with selected materials and an interior that has been thought out down to the last detail. Thus, they meet the highest demands in terms of quality and inspire with exclusive finish.

When choosing a shoulder bag, always pay attention to the following features to find your favorite:

Volume of the shoulder bag: do you usually take your notebook with you or is a tablet your constant companion? Do you like to use a clipboard to take notes on the go? Make sure all of these essential items have enough room in your shoulder bag.

Smartly divided interior: a bag must not only offer enough space, but also have open and closable compartments ready for different items. Multiple zippered interior and exterior pockets of different sizes will keep the inside of your shoulder bag from getting cluttered.

Material quality: The designer shoulder bags for men by Porsche Design are made of high-quality crafted genuine leather or an innovative textile fabric. But also natural and synthetic fiber mixes are used. A leather shoulder bag looks impressive and noble, but requires a certain amount of care and is only conditionally weather-resistant. Modern high-tech synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are extremely durable, easy to care for and score points for their low weight.

Flexible carrying system: To maximize your carrying comfort, a men's shoulder bag should have an adjustable carrying strap. As a rule, a shoulder bag should be worn above the waist, but always test several variants to find the most comfortable position.