Kitchen Knives

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High-quality kitchen knives from Porsche Design

We don't just pay attention to high-quality instruments in our distinctive sports cars - we also impress with top performance in the kitchen. You will find an exclusive selection of professional, stylish kitchen knives and knife sets for every occasion in our range. Everything is included, from the classic Chinese chef's knife to various Japanese kitchen knives for meat, fish and vegetables to the all-purpose knife. Of course, fine pieces such as an oyster knife and a traditional Japanese Santoku knife with the distinctive fluted edge cannot be missing from the Porsche Design line of exclusive kitchen knives!

Sharpening stones with fine grits ensure that your professional kitchen knives are always optimally sharpened. With the chic, purist-style sharpening aids, you maintain a constant sharpening angle and prevent your knives from being irregularly sharpened.

The unique feature of Porsche Design kitchen knives: they are made from one piece of the best stainless steel, which means that the handle and blade blend into each other in an elegant, flowing way. 

Noble wooden knife block for professional kitchen knives

The sturdy, ergonomically shaped Porsche Design knife block made of the best Guminoki wood is the perfect choice for storing your valuable design knives. The wood of the robust tree is particularly hard and therefore excellently suited as a material for cutting boards and knife blocks. The Porsche Design knife block offers space for eight knives in various sizes and its dynamic shape is reminiscent of the soft curves of a streamlined Porsche 911 Carrera. Equipped with some of our cutting-edge kitchen knives, it will become a highlight in any kitchen.

Buy high-quality knife sets and kitchen knives

In addition to many special knives in the unmistakable style of Porsche Design, we also offer knife sets for different purposes. For meat lovers, we can recommend our high-quality carving set. Consisting of the P05 carving knife and the P17 roasting fork, the carving set will make the heart of any expert in roast beef, filet and co. beat faster. We offer a three-piece knife set made of Japanese Pure 301 stainless steel with the P529 Carving Set. The P05 carving knife is optimally complemented by a Santoku knife and a practical paring knife. A set with which you can perfect your cooking from vegetable peeling and cutting to meat carving and shine as a professional.

What makes good kitchen knives?

Good kitchen knives are durable, sturdy, not prone to rust, and feel good in the hand. Craft and functionality are two essential characteristics of good, reliable knives with high cutting quality. You can also recognize high-quality kitchen knives by the following distinct quality features:
  • They are ergonomically designed. This means that the handle and blade are weighted so that the knife can be held stably and securely when cutting and does not slip from the hand but can be gripped naturally and "supported" during cutting movements. Good kitchen knives should also have a certain weight and facets depending on the specific use (chopping, peeling, slicing, filleting, etc.).
  • The blade should be ground from very high-quality stainless steel. This makes them exceptionally durable. 
At Porsche Design, you can buy high-quality kitchen knives that are made to precisely these standards. In addition, we have given all Design knives our personal and unmistakably minimalist touch. So you are professionally and stylishly equipped for your next cooking event!