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Vitra for Porsche

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Pepita Edition by Vitra for Porsche available now

Vitra and Porsche: Timeless Design

Discover the fusion of iconic interior design and sportscar heritage with the Pepita Edition by Vitra for Porsche. Celebrate a legacy of innovation where the elegant contours of Vitra design classics meet the legendary Pepita fabric by Porsche. Crafted in Germany, these chairs aren’t just a piece of furniture – they are a statement of timeless design.


Revel in the epitome of style and performance with a design that dates back to 1948, marking a pivotal moment for both interior aficionados and sportscar enthusiasts. The Eames Plastic Chair transformed spaces with its groundbreaking design, just as the Porsche 356 revolutionised the roads.


This collection brings you more than a chair; it embodies a journey through time, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Own a symbol of 76 years of automotive excellence with the Pepita Edition – where every stitch captures the spirit of Porsche. 



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Pepita. More than a pattern.

Experience the heritage of Porsche with the iconic Pepita pattern – a classic design that adorned the unforgettable 356 and became synonymous with the legendary 911. The trademark black and white checked pattern remains a firm favourite of owners and fans to this day. Embrace elegance and simplicity in every thread with masterfully woven Pepita cloth, crafted with precision and care, honouring decades of enduring design and signature Porsche craftsmanship.

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