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Chronograph 1 - All Black Numbered Edition


Article number: WAP0710090PBLK


black, black, black

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Chronograph 1 - All Black Numbered Edition


Article number: WAP0710090PBLK

  • Crown: Threaded
  • Case back: Threaded
  • Diameter: 40.8 mm
  • Finish (=surface treatment): Black titanium carbide coating, glass bead blasted
  • Height: 14.15 mm
  • Material: Titanium

  • Caliber: Porsche Design Kaliber WERK 01.140, Chronograph, Tag und Datumsanzeige
  • Half oscillations: 28,800 per hour [4 Hz]
  • Height: 7.90 mm
  • Power reserve: 48 hours
  • Rotor: PD-Icon-Rotor, schwarz verchromt
  • Stones: 25

  • Color: Black with white and gray accents

  • anti-reflex coating: Seven-fold anti-reflex on both sides
  • Material: Sapphire glass
  • Scratch-resistant: Yes
  • Tough coating: Yes

A Classic, Redefined

Rebirth of an icon

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The Chronograph 1 – All Black Numbered Edition pays homage to the unique and puristic design of the all-black timepiece from 1972. Like all our timepieces, the chronograph is manufactured with precise Swiss craftsmanship in our watch manufacturing facility in Solothurn.

  • Small series with limited quantities
  • Maximum of 1,000 watches per year worldwide
  • Porsche Design Caliber WERK 01.140

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Watchmaking That Sets New Standards


This timepiece is created in a very special way, by hand, with great attention to detail.
Porsche Design has had its own manufacturing facility in Solothurn, Switzerland, since 2014. Engineers and watchmakers work side by side there to combine design expertise with excellence in production. This chronograph is powered by a Porsche Design Caliber, the WERK 01.140 with COSC certification, and thus guarantees maximum precision.
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Classically Timeless


The matte black dial makes this chronograph a design icon, too. Just like the crown and clasp, it bears the current Porsche Design logo.
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Optimal Readability


The sapphire crystal with hard coating and sevenfold anti-glare properties on both sides ensures optimal readability. The minute hand retains the unmistakable, rectangular shape of the original baton hand and has been supplemented by a pointed tip for maximum precision in the display. The date display keeps the current Porsche Design lettering.


It’s about time – 50 Years of Porsche Design

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