Business Money Clip

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Collapsible money clip for men. Soft, grained leather with Porsche Design logo embossing. Internal magnets keep your bills securely in place.



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Crafted from high-quality, soft, and natural grained leather, the Porsche Design Business Collection is the epitome of timeless design and durability. Design details like the sewn edges, an embossed Porsche Design logo, and the characteristic V line all subtly convey the exclusivity and craftsmanship injected into the range. The Porsche Design Business Money Clip is the perfect solution for men who like to have their bills easily accessible, or who prefer to leave their wallets behind and stay minimal. The collapsible money clip holds your bills safely in place with its internal magnets. DETAILS: - Collapsible money clip for men - Soft, grained leather with stitched edges and embossed Porsche Design logo - Internal magnets keep your bills securely in place

Product details


40mm x 70mm x 5mm



The Material

shell material: 100% cowhide, lining: 100% polyester

Care Tips

Please clean surface with a soft, damp cloth.