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Infinity Sneaker £340.00 from £239.00
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Designer shoes for men

Highest quality materials, a clear design language, and absolute wearing comfort - the designer shoes from the Porsche Design Online Shop are a status symbol and universal talent at the same time. Discover our exclusive selection of high-quality moccasins, designer sneakers, and business shoes for men.

Modern and timeless: designer sneakers

Sporty, progressive, exclusive - our sneakers impress with their dynamic design and unique look. This is where luxury meets casual: We rely on ultra-light materials that provide exceptional flexibility on the foot and maximum comfort for our XL ULTRALIGHT SNEAKER MESH. The mesh fabric creates a technoid look for the high-quality shoe. Together, the elements of the designer sneaker create the perfect fusion of modern looks and maximum functionality.

The CITY SNEAKER VELOURS by Porsche Design also impresses with its unique mix of materials. This shoe plays with suede and Nappa leather contrasts and provides a dynamic look with its color-blocking style. You will feel the high quality of the Italian-made shoe with every step.

Business shoes for men: For a professional appearance

Whether a meeting, business trip, or evening event, high-quality business shoes are inseparable from a professional appearance. In manufacturing our elegant lace-up shoes, we use exclusive technologies for maximum performance. Thanks to the traditional welt stitching process, the shoes support the complex movements of the foot and stand for an extremely long shoe life. The models also benefit from an eco-friendly tanning process that ensures a water-resistant, skin-friendly, and breathable leather shoe.

The best example: is the BUSINESS CASUAL LACE UP. This designer shoe made of the finest calfskin is crafted with 300 hand movements - the result is uncompromising quality and a perfectly shaped design.

If you prefer the casual business look, you can create a sophisticated outfit with high-quality designer sneakers in addition to the classic models. The finest Nappa leather and the sporty, dynamic design of the XL EXTRALIGHT CALF PERFORATED SNEAKER go perfectly with office outfits. In muted colors and incomparable comfort, business sneakers can be worn perfectly with a suit. Our business sneakers can also be wonderfully combined with a high-quality shirt for a luxuriously casual look - perfect for Casual Friday at the office.

Light and casual on the go with moccasins

Moccasins and loafers are the ideal shoes for the summer due to their open cut and comfortable feel. Our DRIVER VELOURS MOCCASIN inspires with the effective contrast of the characteristic coarse stitching and the elegant cut. In the "espresso" or "nomad beige" versions, the shoe harmonizes exceptionally well with high-quality chino pants in sand for a relaxed leisure look.

The PD DRIVER CALF in elegant black is not only suitable for the balmy summer evening. The high-quality calf leather creates a professional look and thus fits ideally with a dark suit. In addition, our moccasins as exclusive driver shoes are equipped with an ergonomic anti-slip sole - for maximum grip while driving.