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Front view of product with ean 4046901642914
Front view of product with ean 4046901642914
Shisha 2.1 Replacement Glass Bowl £125.00
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Front view of product with ean 4046901642907
Shisha 2.1 Replacement Leather Hose Set £195.00
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Exclusive designer lighters

This is where high-quality workmanship and noble design meet: discover Porsche Design tuxedo accessories for cigar and shisha connoisseurs.

A good cigar only fully develops its aromas when you use suitable accessories that, at best, fuse performance and appearance. Experience the Porsche Design philosophy in every detail: the Lighter P'3639 impresses with its purist look and precise functionality. The result is an elegant designer lighter with a powerful, almost transparent flame. A strong flame is essential to ignite cigars properly and enjoy them appropriately. The stylish storm lighter is available, for example, in deep black, noble titanium, or modern stainless steel look.

High-quality cigar cutters and storm lighters from Porsche Design

The masculine, purist look combined with intelligent functionality meet in this high-quality lighter - the Lighter P'3631 is a designer lighter that is perfect for lighting cigars with a larger ring gauge thanks to adjustable double jet flames. Particularly intelligent: the cigar drill integrated into the base of the noble lighter. The milled Porsche Design lettering gives the storm lighter the elegance typical of Porsche Design.

For cigar lovers who value appearance and performance: The Porsche Design Cigar Cutter P'3621 with a ring gauge of 60 is an elegant cigar cutter that shows the characteristic Porsche DNA at first glance. The classic among Porsche Design's tuxedo accessories ensures a perfect cut with blades made of Japanese stainless steel.

The Cigar Cutter P'3626 is a cigar cutter with three functions: notch cutter, flat cutter and cigar drill are combined here - a must-have for all cigar fans. The Cigar Cutter is a unique eye-catcher in elegant titanium. 

Noble lighters and shisha accessories

A visual highlight in the Porsche Design collection is the P'3643 Candle Lighter stick lighter. Slim design, fine lines and a strong flame characterize this exclusive lighter. Particularly pleasant to use: the adjustable flame height.

Porsche Design storm lighters and cigar cutters speak a clear language of the form: clean, masculine looks and elegant colors make them accessories that testify to the owner's good sense of style.

The Porsche Design Shisha also ensures stylish smoking pleasure: The exclusive 2.1 Shisha in the unmistakable Porsche Design style combines quality and exclusivity in every detail: A hand-blown glass vase, anodized aluminum and a hose in leather look gives the Shisha its noble look. The intelligent design makes it easy to clean the designer piece. 

Just like our writing instruments and care and fragrances, tuxedo accessories are also perfect gifts for anyone who cares about style and quality.