Aviator Sunglasses

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High quality aviator glasses for men 

Aviator sunglasses don't just belong in the cockpit - the signature model with its filigree frame and characteristic teardrop-shaped lenses is one of the classics among sunglasses. Exclusive models of the timelessly modern sunglasses are a real statement of good style and are considered not only an accessory but also a status symbol.

Perfect functionality meets design – aviator sunglasses made of exclusive materials

Aviator sunglasses from Porsche Design embody the perfect symbiosis of functional technology and excellent design. The SUNGLASSES P'8912 impresses with its Round Aviator frame made of stable high-performance plastic and the BallTec ball hinge, which requires no screws and thus no maintenance. Materials such as high-performance RXP®® and the stable light metal titanium turn these high-quality aviator glasses into a long-lasting companion that can withstand the challenges of everyday life with an extremely high level of stability. The UV400 lenses provide reliable protection against ultraviolet radiation. Reflection effects are reduced by the efficient glare protection. In addition, the lenses of the aviator glasses are made of the extremely stable high-performance plastic polycarbonate and have a duplex coating.

Timeless, casual, extravagant – aviator glasses for men

Aviator glasses from Porsche Design speak a clear language of form: the SUNGLASSES P'8693 catch the eye with the extravagant look of the frame: a stainless steel support element connects the lenses and lends the model a stylishly futuristic look. 

In this model, elegant black meets stylish gold: Above all, the SUNGLASSES P'8478 stands out for its unique color scheme. The "Color of the year" - with a matte gold frame and deep black shiny elements - is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. The model with interchangeable lens mechanism is one of the iconic models of Porsche Design sunglasses.

As extraordinary as their wearers: aviator sunglasses from Porsche Design.

Match the color of your aviator sunglasses to your outfit or set an effective contrast - whether casual-chic, elegant or sporty. Accentuate your look with a high-quality polo shirt with eye-catching mirrored lenses, for example, or keep it purist with glasses in plain brown - in combination with a casual denim jacket, a look that exudes an urban lifestyle.

Combine aviator sunglasses with a high-quality leather jacket and complement the casual look with an exclusive watch for maximum style. Extravagance pure exude extraordinary models with blue lenses in matte gold frame or with mono lens in a noble gray. The timeless models are as individual as their wearers themselves.