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Chronograph 1 Utility – Limited Edition




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Article number: WAP0710190RUTL


titanium carbide, black, grey


Chronograph 1 Utility – Limited Edition


Article number: WAP0710190RUTL

  • Crown: Threaded
  • Case back: Closed base, threaded
  • Water resistance: Up to 10 bar
  • Diameter: 42.7 mm
  • Finish (=surface treatment): Titan, glasperlgestrahlt
  • Height: 15.5 mm
  • Material: Titankarbid
  • Case back Material: Titanium

  • Caliber: Porsche Design Kaliber WERK 01.240, Chronograph mit Flyback-Funktion, Tag und Datumsanzeige, COSC -Zertifiziert
  • Diameter: 30.00 mm
  • Half oscillations: 28,800 per hour [4 Hz]
  • Height: 7.90 mm
  • Power reserve: 48 hours
  • Rotor: PD-Icon rotor, black
  • Stones: 25

  • Clasp: Titanium-stainless steel folding clasp with fine adjustment, black titanium carbide coating, glass bead blasted
  • Material: Echtes Porsche Fahrzeugleder und Textil
  • Interchangeable wrist strap system: Yes

  • Material: Sapphire glass
  • Scratch-resistant: Yes
  • Tough coating: Yes

  • COSC certification: Yes
  • Dynamic: Yes
  • Energy: Automatic, winding rotor, energy-optimized
  • Flyback : Yes
  • Limited edition: Limitiert auf 250


Die Evolution der Tradition.

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01 Excellent readability under the most difficult conditions

The 'TiC' logo, which represents the use of titanium carbide, is also
a modern reinterpretation of the iconic 3H symbol of the military
chronograph. The abbreviation '3H' in the same location on the
historical chronograph indicated the use of the hydrogen isotope, tritium,
for the luminescent colour of the hands and dial indices.
This ensured excellent readability under the most challenging conditions –

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02 even in the dark.

In the places where tritium was used back then, you can now find Blue Super-LumiNova®, which guarantees optimal readability, especially in the dark. There are also striking White dots at 12 o'clock, and the seconds and minute indices are thicker, making it even easier to read the time.

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03 The "Mankei" icon - a homage to F.A.T.

The dials back then featured the unit's tiger head emblem, matching the flying squadron. Today, you will find a screeching 'Mankei' in place of the big cat – the Pinzgau region term for marmots. The icon references the collaboration with F.A.T. and their 'Mankei' location on the Großglockner High Alpine Road.

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04 Limited Edition

To emphasise the exclusivity of this limited edition, there is an engraving on the case back with the Mankei and the 'Chronograph 1 Utility Edition' lettering – accompanied by the limited-edition number XX/250. The crown of the chronograph is adorned with the historic Porsche Design logo.

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Through the use of titanium carbide, the Chronograph 1 Utility – Limited Edition sets new standards in terms of robustness and aesthetics. As the first over-the-counter chronograph made with this material, Porsche Design is the only watch manufacturer to present a timepiece made entirely of this revolutionary material.

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Functionality and aesthetics combined.

This edition comes with a Slate Grey 'Bund' strap made of Porsche vehicle leather and a quick-release mechanism. As an additional option, the chronograph comes with a White textile strap with a badge on which the coordinates of the F.A.T. Ice Race are printed – ideal for winter sports and racing activities as it can be worn comfortably over a ski suit or overalls.