1919 Chronotimer

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1919 Chronotimer Flyback Brown & Leather $6,350.00
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1919 Chronotimer All Black $4,850.00
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Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer – elegant men's watches in timeless style.

With the selected wristwatches of the Chronotimer Edition, Porsche Design expresses its loyalty to classic, timeless design solutions and proves that motorsport and elegance go hand in hand at Porsche today, as they did decades ago. Especially in the choice of materials, the exclusive 1919 Chronotimer shows its inseparable bond with the legendary nine-eleven. If you appreciate stylish men's watches with a sporty character, then this watch collection from Porsche Design suits you perfectly.

Superlative choice of materials – titanium, sapphire crystal, genuine leather

To ensure an exclusive selection of high-quality materials for the exceptional and groundbreaking men's watches in the Chronotimer 1919 collection, Porsche Design uses a combination of proven classics and innovative solutions. These exclusive materials transform iconic men's watches from the 1919 Chronotimer series into impressive eye-catchers with added value:
  • Titanium. The light metal is more suitable than any other for exclusive watch cases. High-tech titanium alloys convince with low intrinsic weight, extreme hardness and corrosion resistance. It is no coincidence that titanium has been used in the manufacture of high-performance Porsche engines for several decades.
  • Sapphire glass. This is the hardest and therefore most expensive of all glasses and is made from synthetic sapphires. The sapphire crystal successfully withstands any scratch test and, thanks to its excellent light refraction, allows you to see the dial of your men's watch perfectly, regardless of the lighting conditions. To guarantee you maximum performance in any situation, the display of your 1919 Chronotimer, with its seven-fold anti-reflective coating on both sides, can be read without restriction even when the sunlight is shining directly on it.
  • Genuine leather. Elegant men's watches with a leather strap are nothing out of the ordinary? When it comes to the 1919 Chronotimer watch edition from Porsche Design, it's different. For example, a very special type of leather is used for the exclusive strap of the 1919 Chronotimer, the classic Porsche vehicle leather. The leather is stitched with the Porsche vehicle yarn, creating an elegant bridge to the unmistakable car.

1919 Chronotimer – exclusive watches with character

Each model in the 1919 Chronotimer series from Porsche Design inspires with its unmistakable, concise character. If every second is worth its weight in gold for you, opt for the elegant 1919 Chronotimer Sport Chrono Subsecond 39 men's watch. At 6 o'clock, the second display is always right in front of your eyes. The unstoppable passing of time advances to a dynamic visual experience with the Sport Chrono Subsecond.

The 1919 Chronotimer Flyback delights not only with its purist, elegant look and perfect mechanics but also with its practical Flyback function. With Flyback, you measure split times in seconds by setting the stop hand to zero and starting a new measurement with a single movement.

Elegant men's watches and other gift ideas for men with aspirations.

A Porsche Design men's watch is the ideal gift for men with a sense of style and the highest standards of performance and quality. With the 1919 Chronotimer Edition, you can present not only an exclusive watch but likewise the sports car feeling for the wrist. However, his wristwatch should be as individual as the man himself. So take a look at our other collections, such as our 1919 Globetimer travel watch for the cosmopolitan or the Monobloc Actuator Edition for the motorsport fan. Porsche Design also offers you a wide selection of other gifts for the gentleman with style, including exclusive fountain pens, ballpoint pens and fragrances.