Porsche Design | Elan Ski Poles

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Lightweight, rugged, exclusive: alpine designer ski poles made of superior-quality carbon. Made to match Porsche Design Elan Amphibio 2.0 all-mountain skis.




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Lightweight, stable, strikingly different: the new Porsche Design Elan Ski Pole was engineered and designed in the Alps with a selection of high-quality carbon. The hybrid design offers efficiency, reduced weight and stability. Maximum comfort is provided by the black Elan Bulwark BIC (bi-component) grip with an all-new adjustable Velcro strap made with the user in mind. The soft-touch material ensures the perfect connection between skier and pole. Measuring 14 mm in diameter, the Porsche Design Elan Ski Pole is light yet still extra-strong, with a carbide tip for precise pole planting and optimal grip on any terrain. Quintessential Porsche Design: the purist design in black and white with carbon elements – the perfect complement to the new Porsche Design Elan Amphibio 2.0 all-mountain ski. Performance that’s ready to take on the mountain.



The Material

carbon, steel, aluminium, polyurethane, textile

Care Tips

After skiing wipe off the excess snow and water. Use a Velcro tie when transporting your skis. Securing the tip and tail is best, if you have one velcro tie fasten it at the tip. Wipe the skis top and bottom. Store the skis in a dark, cool and dry place.