Reading Glasses

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Front view of product with ean 4044709511999
Front view of product with ean 4044709511999
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High quality designer reading glasses 

Reading glasses are more than just a tool - they are accessories that emphasize the individual style of their wearer and set a fashion statement. Designer reading glasses can be elegant and sporty, or their eye-catching design can provide an exciting contrast to an outfit.

Minimalist, modern and contemporary, the READING TOOL P'8812 are designer reading glasses with an exclusive correction frame made of high-tech polyamide, turning them into a stylish companion for every day. The ultra-light frame creates a particularly comfortable wearing experience. Thanks to the innovative temple design, you can fold the high-quality reading glasses extremely flat. They are stored safely and in style in the REPLACEMENT ETUI READING TOOL.

Modern reading glasses tailored to your type

The type of reading glasses that best suit you also depends on your face shape. Reading glasses with square lenses emphasize a modern masculine look and harmonize quite well with round faces. On the other hand, glasses with round lenses soften angular or prominent facial features.

In addition to the optimally coordinated design, another factor is important when choosing the ideal reading glasses: performance. Eyeglass frames should be as stylish as they are shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Porsche Design's modern reading glasses are all equipped with the highest quality lenses that can withstand all the challenges of everyday life while providing extremely clear vision. Our minimalist and timeless reading glasses for men meet the highest standards of quality - they impress with Porsche Design's typical combination of exceptional designs and perfect workmanship.

Exceptional reading glasses for men

If you're looking for something more out of the ordinary, you should go for models with unusual color combinations. For example, how about modern reading glasses with golden frames and dark blue temples? The exciting contrast between the shiny metal and the noble blue tone makes the READING TOOL P'8801 an eye-catcher. The model in dynamic red can hardly be surpassed in terms of extravagance - anyone wearing these reading glasses is deliberately setting an aesthetic highlight. Match your glasses with your outfit and demonstrate your sense of style: Combine them with a blue turtle-neck sweater and beige chino pants for a self-confident and cool look that will get you noticed. Or set colorful accents with your fancy reading glasses, for example with fiery red temples and black stainless steel frames, to discreet clothing in dark tones. This turns your glasses into a fashion statement. At Porsche Design you will find selected models of highly exclusive reading glasses in various colors, shapes and styles.