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Business Casual GY Velours Lace Up Zapatos


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Los detalles

The Business Casual Goodyear welted shoe 'Made in Germany' was created in cooperation with one of the leading companies in Germany. Goodyear Welted is a traditional frame seaming technique in shoe making. Around 300 times Goodyear Welted hand must be created so that the finest calf leather creates a high-quality shoe. The result of this elaborate procedure is a shoe that flexibly supports the complex foot movement sequences and has a long service life. The corkinsole adapts to the foot and so developed in the shoe a custom-fit footbed. 'Like your own footprint in the sand!' The outsole of the German company Rendenbach® is produced in the traditional Eichenloh pit tanning. Compostable tannins such as tree bark and fruit are used. The environmentally friendly tanning process ensures a particularly good skin compatibility and durability of the leather. Leather with the JR brand seal (named after Johannes Rendenbach) is water-repellent and extremely resistant to abrasion, tough and flexible at the same time, offers a high wearing comfort and visually convinces with a beautiful grain pattern and a warm, wood-like tone. It has a natural water resistance, absorbs perspiration and has an extremely high breathability and personal hygiene.


1300 g

El material

Upper: 100 % velours leather, sole: 90 % leather / 10 % rubber

Consejos de cuidado

Impregnar los zapatos antes del primer uso. Usar un paño suave para eliminar el polvo. Usar cera o leche para cuero para mantener el cuero protegido y en perfecto estado.