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Speedcat Pro Sneaker

Article number: 4046901621223

Limited Edition: Fire-proof Porsche Design racing driver's shoe, weighing just 450 g. Kangaroo leather and carbon. Thin driver's soles for maximum grip.


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It doesn't get more Porsche Racing than this. The limited edition Porsche Design Speedcat Pro is motorsport in its purest form. The ultra-lightweight limited edition driving shoe in finest kangaroo leather and fire-proof carbon fiber weighs only 450 g. And there are only 450 pairs available. This shoe pays homage to the Porsche 356 and the Mille Miglia race in 1954, when each car started with a different time window, and each shoe had a unique number. Each pair of Speedcat Pros also has its own unique, limited-edition number lasered in. The ultra-thin driver's sole brings you closer to the gas pedal than ever before. This is not a shoe for just anyone. It's not a shoe for just any day. It's an original, for the special moments. DETAILS: - Highly exclusive racing driver shoe, limited to 450 pairs - Each pair is individually numbered with a limited edition tag - Manufactured from high-quality kangaroo leather and fire-proof materials - Ultra-thin rubber soles for optimum connection to the car while driving - Heels made from carbon - Weight: 450 g



The Material

Kangaroo Leather/ heel trimming: 100% carbon fiber/ outsole: fire proof rubber

Care Tips

Hand wash using a soft cloth dampened with cold water.