Tec Flex Fountain Pen

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Ultimate performance in an instant: the Porsche Design Tec Flex Fountain Pen is a unique expression of the power, ambition and technical perfection of Porsche Design. In motorsports, the flexible, corrosion-resistant and hard-wearing qualities of woven stainless steel are used to protect sensitive electronics. In the Tec Flex series, the same high-tech weave not only lends these pens their exclusive look, but also a distinctive texture that rests easily in your hand.
All Porsche Design Tec Flex writing utensils are forged from virtually indefatigable stainless steel.
For the black/steel models, black resin threads are interwoven with the metal. A completely rhodinized 18/750 carat gold nib, available in the widths F, M, and B, completes the purist design. Delicate and robust, dynamic and timeless: a statement in steel and ink.


17mm x 14mm x 148mm

The Material

Stainless steel, brass, resin, palladium coating, 18 carat gold nib

Care Tips

Clean occasionally with a damp cloth.