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An iconic car race against a picturesque landscape.

In a year where two anniversaries coincide — 30 years of the finest automobiles at the Ennstal Classic and half a century of Porsche Design — there was much to celebrate. What could be more fitting than being the official timing partner for all time measurements at this year's Ennstal Classic in Gröbming.

Iconic cars, exciting races and the special flair of Austria. Once again this year, the Ennstal Classic proved why it is such a special event. That's why our special guests like Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Richard Lietz and Richy Müller could not resist being there in person and getting into their Porsches themselves.

The highlight of the weekend was the Porsche Design Grand Prix and Hans-Joachim Stuck and Richard Lietz driving their two Le Mans winning cars, a 1985 Porsche 962 and a Porsche 911 RSR 19, through Gröbming.

It was an exciting weekend that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Impressions from Gröbming

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