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Porti con sé il dinamico gusto per la vita del marchio: a casa, in ufficio oppure in viaggio. I nostri accessori rappresentano un elevato standard di vita, pieno di spirito. Includono una vasta gamma che spazia dalle raffinate penne stilografiche ai pregiati coltelli da cucina giapponesi, fino a sensuali fragranze. Molti degli accessori raffinati ed esclusivi sono straordinariamente adatti come regali per gli amanti del mondo Porsche e per coloro desiderosi di diventarlo.

Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen Twist Prima 155,00 € Ora 140,00 €
Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen Da 100,00 €
Tec Flex Ballpoint Pen Da 200,00 €
Tec Flex Fountain Pen Da 460,00 €
Shake Pen Big 240,00 €
Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen Da 400,00 €
Solid Gold Fountain Pen Limited Edition 25.000,00 €
P´3639 Lighter 130,00 €
P´3645 Lighter 135,00 €
Shisha 2.1 1.550,00 €
P´3621 Cigar Cutter 115,00 €
P´3643 Candle Lighter 230,00 €
Porsche Design 180 Eau de Toilette Da 65,00 €
Porsche Design 180 Black Eau de Toilette Da 65,00 €
Porsche Design 180 Hair & Body Shampoo 25,00 €
Porsche Design 180 Black Hair & Body Shampoo 25,00 €
Titan Deodorant Stick 23,00 €
The Essence After Shave Balm Tube 32,00 €
Titan Gift Set 69,00 €
Japanese Chef´s Knife for Meat Fish and Vegetables 119,00 €
Small Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P04 95,00 €
Carving Set Consisting of P05 + P17 149,00 €
P13 Knife Block 198,00 €
Filleting Knife for Meat and Fish P07 95,00 €
Standard Chef´s Knife for all Tasks 119,00 €
Santoku Knife 129,00 €
Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P01 149,00 €

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This year's GQ „Men of the Year Awards 2019“ @gq_germany had many highlights that made the evening unforgettable. What was yours?
The countdown is on: @gq_germany will present the
The city is your stage, its lights are your spotlight, and #PorscheDesignSportswear is always supporting you. When it comes to staples, the #PorscheDesign #PaddedJacket with detachable hood and side zipper pockets has the potential to become your daily go-to. #FallWinter19
Let's introduce one of our highlight pieces of the #FallWinter19 #PorscheDesignSportswear collection: The #PorscheDesign #ActiveHoodedMidlayer. Worn alone or paired with a jacket, this midlayer offers unbeatable performance and supports you with breathable materials, bold graphics, and a sleek fit.
Discover clothing and accessories inspired by the energy of the world's most vibrant cities. Performance meets metrpolitan spirit and design, featuring clean lines, innovative materials, and functional concepts: the perfect look for your active lifestyle. #PorscheDesignSportswear #FallWinter19
The #PorscheDesign #ActiveTee: high-performance design and functionality for your best training session yet. Its raglan sleeves and breathable, mesh material are made for movement - a must-have for your everyday workout. #PorscheDesignSportswear #FallWinter19
Revolutionary shock absorption in an eye-catching shoe made for long rides and lingering stares: the #PorscheDesign #SpeedcatJamming is made of premium leather combined with dynamic soles and a spectacular design. #PorscheDesignSportswear #FallWinter19
Matte and glossy materials meet basic metropolitan colors: The new #PorscheDesign #FallWinter19 sportswear collection fulfils the 24/7 demands of the modern man. Details such as inserts made of high-performance knitwear, and sophisticated ventilation zones characterize this years #PorscheDesignSportswear collection. Availaible in Porsche Design stores and online.