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In occasione del GP Ice Race 2020 a Zell am See, Porsche Design lancia un cronometro in edizione speciale.


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The perfect everyday choice: the lightweight #PorscheDesign P’8335 with its narrow frame focuses on casual understatement. Thanks to its contemporary panto look it adds just the right amount of sophistication to your appearance. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8335 
Available exclusively at your local retailer.
Shield yourself from wind, sun and curious eyes – the #PorscheDesign P´8674 Sidewall blends minimalist design with bold character and functional performance. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8674
See the world in full detail. The #PorscheDesign P’8335 is a classic pair of correction frames that provides you with excellent vision. Just as the saying goes: see and be seen – now more than ever. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8335 
Available exclusively at your local retailer.
You don’t have to be an aviator to wear these aviator sunglasses.
Thanks to its sophisticated squared aviator design, flexible temples and extremely light weight, the #PorscheDesign P’8679 is the perfect fit for every wearer. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8679
Time to take the lead: the #PorscheDesign Aviator P’8649 is the perfect par of sunglasses to hit the road. Built as an homage to an enduring classic, even the tight spring hinges recall the closing on a Porsche 911. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8649
When classic aviator design meets the legendary forms of Bauhaus: the #PorscheDesign P’8682 is a unique pair of glasses that brings two iconic designs together. Part fashion statement, part timeless classic – sunglasses that offer the best of both worlds. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8682
An icon for your eyes. The limited-edition #PorscheDesign P’8685 Hexagon takes its inspiration from a race car’s engine block: eight hex bolts hold the titanium front – making it the perfect example of Porsche Design’s motorsports DNA. #PorscheDesignEyewear #P8685
Handcrafted in Japan and limited to only 911 pieces, the #PorscheDesign P’8685 Hexagon is already a collector’s item. #PorscheDesignEyewear#P8685
Straight from the future. The #PorscheDesign RCT Jacket is masterfully engineered: seamless construction, dynamic pocket design, water-repellent, and, above all, eye-catching. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
Sometimes, you’ve got to look twice. The #PorscheDesign RCT Jacket is more than a jacket – it’s a statement piece. From reflective fabric with rainbow effect to interior pockets with touchscreen function, it has everything you need. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
Digital nomad by day – urban hunter by night. No matter whether it’s AM or PM – the #PorscheDesignXPuma sportswear collection adds the perfect dose of performance to all your plans. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
The #PorscheDesign Reverse Summer Jacket isn’t just perfectly suited to Summer (as the name suggests), but pairs well with the #PorscheDesign Cargo Pants to create a stylish look for the urban outdoors. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
Who are you today? Sporty and classic or trends-setting? The #PorscheDesign Reverse Summer Jacket lets you choose: subtle black on the outside and eye-catching silver-metallic on the inside, or vice versa. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
The luxury version of cargo pants: the #PorscheDesign Cargo Pants. Made from tactical NILIT® TECHNICAL FIBERS they’re water-repellent and tear-resistant. Wherever your run takes you, you’ll be prepared. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
Start your run with high-end footwear: the #PorscheDesign LQD Cell Trainer with its soft LQD cells and ProFoam sole ensures maximum support for any workout. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20
No matter whether you’re going for a run or a trip to town – the #PorscheDesign AP Shorts are literally made to be “all-purpose”. The combination of casual and dress elements makes them an elegant all-round option. #PorscheDesignSportswear #SpringSummer20