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A Porsche Design comemora a reabertura em Frankfurt com um novo conceito de loja.


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More than just an accessory for every season: The #PorscheDesign #UltraOne is one of the thinnest 15.6-inch laptops on the market and impresses with uncompromising performance.
Carrying important documents has never been such a pleasure. Thanks to the soft, smooth leather, you won’t want to let the #PorscheDesign CL2 3.0 Briefbag SHZ out of your hands. #PorscheDesignLuggage #SpringSummer20
The #PorscheDesign P’8692 sunglasses are the most stylish way to give yourself some privacy. With their futuristic aviator look and the high-performance RXP frame they’re a bold addition to any outfit. #PorscheDesignEyewear #SpringSummer20
Keeping track of time is the key to success. Fortunately, the #PorscheDesign Monobloc Actuator is always at your side. Its unique single rocker switch is not only very easy to use, but increases the chronograph’s lifetime significantly. #PorscheDesignTimepieces #MonoblocActuator
Your daily business well in hand: The #PorscheDesign Carbon Notebook Sleeve is a lightweight yet durable choice to keep your notebook safe – and stylish. The perfect companion for every look. #PorscheDesignLuggage
It’s not just days that should be well structured, jackets should be too: The #PorscheDesign Titan Structured Leather Bomber is made of soft lambskin and boasts exclusive hexagon embossing. #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer20
You don’t need a motorcycle to sport the  #PorscheDesign Electrified Motocross Jacket – you only need the right attitude. With its lightweight and ultra-soft velour leather you are more than ready for the season. #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer20
When sustainability becomes part of your business: The #Porsche Design Hexagon Quilted Jacket not only shines in sporty green, but is also made of recycled nylon with a patented, down-free infill. #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer20
Whether in the office or on the streets: leaving an impression is a 24/7 job. The #PorscheDesign All-Day Trench Coat with its motorsports-inspired look is the perfect choice. #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer20
Self-confidence is the secret of your success: show it to the world with the all-new #PorscheDesign 2-in-1 Leather Hybrid Jacket and the #P8684. #PorscheDesignEyewear #SpringSummer20
A witness of time. On your wrist. With the #PorscheDesign #ChronotimerGPIceRace Special Edition. #GPIceRace