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Porsche European Open 2019

Os relógios Timepiece da Porsche Design são o parceiro de cronometragem oficial da PEO 2019 em Hamburgo.


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Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… No holiday season would be complete without the right tunes. Or the right speakers. Such as the 911 Speaker. #AtoZofGiving
You don’t always have to buy presents. Sometimes an invitation is the greatest gift. So pack your #PorscheDesign Carbon BackPack and head off to see your favorite people. #AtoZofGiving
The best thing about giving is the emotions it triggers. Give a #PorscheDesign Houndstooth Hybrid Blazer, for example, and see what happens. #AtoZofGiving
When you are driving home, make sure to travel in style with the #PorscheDesign Roadster Hardcase Hybrid Trolley. #AtoZofGiving
This year's GQ „Men of the Year Awards 2019“ @gq_germany had many highlights that made the evening unforgettable. What was yours?