911 Spotlight Classic – Porsche Originals

Número do artigo: WAP0505200PSPL

Exklusives 911 Spotlight von Porsche. Das smarte Design-Highlight wird aus einem original Ölfilter hergestellt. Mit Touch-Funktion. Made in Germany.




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Spot on! The exclusive 911 spotlight not only lights the darkness, but also enhances its surroundings as a smart design highlight. The spotlight is made from a red genuine part oil filter with original black printing and can be switched on and off using the touch function in the base. LED with 3,500 Kelvin and 160 lumens. Made in Germany.


  • Manufactured from a genuine part.
  • LED with 3,500 Kelvin and 160 lumens.
  • Touch function.
  • Made in Germany.

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