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Power and dynamics for whatever life brings. For high-paced decisions, elegant soirees or winding down in style. Our accessories convey vigor and esprit, premium quality and a no-holds-barred attitude. From handsome fountain pens to first-class Japanese cutlery to captivating fragrances.

Shisha & Lighters

Our versatile collection offers slender, dynamic lighters with jet beam flames. Or a double-blade cigar cutter for cigar aficionados. And our distinctive Shisha 2.1 offers an exclusive smoking experience in true Porsche Design style.

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P´3632 Lighter

P´3631 Lighter

P´3639 Lighter

P´3645 Lighter

Shisha 2.1

P´3621 Cigar Cutter

P´3643 Candle Lighter

P´3641 Lighter

Writing Tools

Our carefully curated selection of pens and pencils was created with state-of-the-art materials and the latest ergonomic principles. We also invite you to discover our Shake collection – the name says it all.

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Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen Twist

Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen

Tec Flex Fountain Pen

Shake Pen Big

Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen

Solid Gold Fountain Pen Limited Edition

Skincare & Fragrances

Whether you prefer light, elegant fragrances with fresh citrus notes or deep, earthy variations with a hint of spice – our unique fragrances and skincare products make a clear statement in your home and on your skin.

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Porsche Design 180 Eau de Toilette

Palladium Eau de Toilette Spray

Palladium Gift Set

Titan Deodorant Stick

The Essence Eau de Toilette & Deo Spray

The Essence After Shave Balm Tube

Titan Gift Set

Kitchen Knives

A pleasure to (be)hold, these Japanese knives are crafted from high-quality stainless steel with ergonomic handles. Perfect for carving a roast or chopping vegetables. Also a favorite of German star chef Harald Wohlfahrt, who swears by the Standard Chef’s Knife.

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Japanese Chef´s Knife for Meat Fish and Vegetables

Carving Set Consisting of P05 + P17

P13 Knife Block for 8 Knives Bamboo Wood 21x15x26cm

Filleting Knife for Meat and Fish

Standard Chef´s Knife for all Tasks

Santoku Knife

Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks


Porsche Design Live

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The 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition makes the legacy of the 911 – the #Porsche legend – a topic of discussion. The case is made of titanium. The black dial with white needles and indices is derived from the displays in the dash of the car, which ensure optimum legibility. The strap is made of original Porsche interior leather. The silhouette of the 911 on the dial conveys its origins at a glance. The #TimelessMachine logo refers to both the #NewPorsche911 and the limited quantity of 911 pieces, highlighting the exclusivity of this special edition.

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The #NewPorsche911: fascination is perfected. Form follows function. With a longer, flatter hood, steep windscreen, and gently rearward-sloping roof line, the unmistakable silhouette of the 911 tells a tale of speed – even while motionless. The 911 has become a dynamic generational staple in a world, where change is the greatest constant. It has become the #TimelessMachine and the inspiration for another style icon: the 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition.

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