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P´8478 Sunglasses SCP Special Edition


(DO) black matt, lens olive
olive mirrored, brown


IVA incluido


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Los detalles

Celebrating 50 years of South Coast Plaza, Porsche Design has created a unique "50-Year South Coast Plaza Anniversary Limited Edition" of its best-selling P´8478, the first sunglasses in the world with a clever interchangeable lens mechanism. With a quick release, the lenses can be easily exchanged for different colored lenses to adjust to changing lighting conditions throughout the day. The Porsche Design "exclusive sunglasses" are manufactured from high-quality and extremely lightweight titanium and convince with premium lenses that are made of scratch-resistant and unbreakable polycarbonate and provide 100 % UV protection. Special features of the "50-Year South Coast Plaza Anniversary Limited Edition" aviators include a unique gold/fuchsia frame/lenses color combination, an exclusive Porsche Design Collector's Box only available for limited edition sunglasses, a "South Coast Plaza - 50 Years" engraving on the inside of the temple, and a unique P'8478 polishing cloth. Each Limited Edition P'8478 include a pair of extra colored lenses.


32 g

El material


Consejos de cuidado

Limpiar únicamente con paños de microfibra.