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Acompañantes exclusivos de viaje

Londres. París. Nueva York. Todos los viajes comienzan guardando en la maleta los artículos de viaje indispensables. Nuestras colecciones logran fusionar el diseño elegante con la mayor funcionalidad, tanto para viajes de negocios como para vacaciones con los seres queridos o un viaje de fin de semana a cualquier ciudad.


Carbon Brief Bag SHZ
Carbon Weekender
Racer Flyline Carbon Black Edition
Carbon Billfold H5
Beverly Hills Carbon Design Moccasin
Carbon Passport Holder
Carbon Card Holder SH6
Carbon Briefbag MHZ
Carbon Wallet H6
Carbon Wallet V11
Cargon 3.0 Shopper
Cargon 3.0 Trolley BoardBag
Cargon 3.0 ShoulderBag SVZ
Cargon 3.0 MessengerBag LHF
Cargon 3.0 BackPack LVZ1
Cargon 3.0 Trolley S
Cargon 3.0 WashBag SHZ
Cargon 3.0 BriefBag MHZ
Roadster 4.0 BriefBag SHZ
Roadster 4.0 BackPack MVZ
Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley M
Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley SC
Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley L
Roadster 4.0 BriefBag LHZ
Roadster 4.0 MessengerBag LHF
Roadster 4.0 ShoulderBag MVF
Voyager 2.0 Briefbag SHZ
Voyager 2.0 Weekender MHZ
Voyager 2.0 Backpack MVZ
Voyager 2.0 Shoulder Bag SVZ
Voyager 2.0 Washbag
Voyager 2.0 BillFold H5
Voyager 2.0 BillFold H10
Voyager 2.0 Card Holder SH6
Voyager 2.0 Wallet V11
Voyager 2.0 Wallet H8
Voyager 2.0 Accessory Pouch
Voyager 2.0 Passport Holder
French Classic 3.0 BillFold H10
French Classic 3.0 BillFold H5
French Classic 3.0 BillFold V9
French Classic 3.0 Briefbag FM
French Classic 3.0 Briefbag FS
French Classic 3.0 Card Holder SH8
French Classic 3.0 CoinPocket H6
French Classic 3.0 Passport Holder
French Classic 3.0 Purse H15Z
French Classic 3.0 Wallet H8
French Classic 3.0 Wallet H9
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BriefBag LHZ
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon ShoulderBag SVZ
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag XSVZ
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag SVZ
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BriefBag SHZ
Shyrt 2.0 Leather BriefBag LHZ
Shyrt 2.0 Leather BriefBag SHZ
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag SVZ
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag XSVZ
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon ShoulderBag XSVZ


Instagram Porsche Design Live

Precision and performance is the goal. Not only on the road. So it's no wonder that we're launching new timepieces that set new standards with their revolutionary performance – just in time for Baselworld. Enter a new era with us. Here and at Baselworld – from 21 to 26 March.
#PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignTimepieces #Baselworld2019
A timeless fit, developed for the demands of today. The #PorscheDesign #SweatShorts are the perfect casual pants for warm days or sport activities. The quick-drying material with elastane has a moisture-regulating effect, the drawstring waist ensures the perfect fit. A hidden pocket at the back and three front pockets offer not only space for your valuables, they also add dynamic accents.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
The #PorscheDesign #ActiveLongsleeve conveys dynamics even when standing still, thanks to its exclusive, expressive pattern. The comfort is on a par: with raglan sleeves for more freedom to move, a mesh ventilation zone and extended sleeves with thumb loops. Maximum sporty performance thanks to its functionality and quick-drying high-tech material.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
Revolutionary shock absorption in an innovative design. The #PorscheDesign #SpeedcatJamming leads the 2019 collection unchallenged. Its unique, transparent midsole with free-moving RAW NRGY beads offers the ultimate suspension and shock absorption – and looks spectacular, too. Exclusive leather and laser-cut details emphasise the dynamic effect of the soles. A trainer made for long journeys.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
Maximum freedom of movement in minimalistic style. It’s called the #PorscheDesign #EssentialTee for a reason. Reduced to the essentials – the highest quality and the perfect cut – it is the perfect T-shirt for your active everyday life. Soft mercerised cotton and the innovative raglan-style sleeve construction provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
The expressive performance look makes you immediately appear like one of the favourites. The #PorscheDesign #ActiveLongsleeve top is unmistakably performance-oriented, making it an essential item for ambitious runners. The breathable #HybridRunningShoes are more subtle, which perhaps makes them even more impressive.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
Developed to conquer the city streets. At high speeds. Thanks to the anatomical cut and four-way stretch, the #PorscheDesign #ActiveTights adapt perfectly to every move you make. The quick-drying and moisture-regulating material was designed especially for high-performance workouts.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
The silhouette of the #PorscheDesign #EvoKnitProParka is uniquely dynamic – longer and more narrowly cut than a standard men’s parka. The classic men’s jogging pants get a dynamic upgrade with the Porsche Design #SweatPants.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
If you need expressive design and high performance, seek out the #PorscheDesign #ActiveEvoKNITMidlayer. The top section in eye-catching blue offers the perfect fusion of highly functional sports jacket and exclusive knitted hoodie. The innovative material creates a unique, virtually seamless design with maximum freedom of movement and various functional ventilation zones.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
The fusion of high-tech knitting and exclusive sportswear: knitted in innovative EvoKnit material with a wicking effect, the #PorscheDesign #ActiveEvoKnitTee will impress with its perfect fit and functionality, maximum freedom of movement and a unique, two-coloured design. A sports shirt that fits perfectly. And meets the highest demands. #PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
Speed has a new design. Finished in breathable performance mesh and constructed with a midsole in hybrid foam, the #PorscheDesign #HybridRunner is in the starting gates for running with stature. The interplay of IGNITE foam and NRGY beads in the sole of the running shoe reacts to every step with an energy impulse. Experience it in its element: movement.
#PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
Sport? Lifestyle? The #PorscheDesign #LightweightJacket renders this question redundant. Extremely lightweight, a minimalist and technical look, and equipped with functional elements such as perforated zones under the arms and two-way stretch. The inside pockets, taped in a contrasting colour, and the interior with the exclusive 911-silhouette printed pattern are eye catching. #PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear
Only those who surpass the boundaries can reach the next level: Like the #PorscheDesign #ActiveEvoKnitMidlayer – the fusion of a highly functional sports jacket and an exclusive knitted hoodie. The innovative EvoKnit material allows a unique, almost seamless design with maximum freedom to move. #PORSCHEDESIGNxPUMA #PorscheDesignSportswear