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Nuestros productos electrónicos satisfacen los requisitos más exigentes en términos de calidad, precisión y rendimiento gracias a la inigualable tecnología informática y a la tecnología de la generación más joven. Para fines privados o empresariales.

Siempre extraordinario. Siempre audaz. Siempre innovador.

Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS 1.595,00 €
Wireless Charger Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS 89,00 €
Leather Case Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS 129,00 €
Leather Flip Cover Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS 149,00 €
Flip Cover Leather Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS 149,00 €
Replacement HDMI Adapter Porsche Design BOOK ONE 39,00 €
Replacement Pen Porsche Design BOOK ONE 99,00 €
Replacement Power Adapter Porsche Design BOOK ONE 79,00 €
Desktop Drive 5 TB 195,00 €
Mobile Drive 2 TB 99,00 €
Motion One antes 250,00 € ahora 175,00 €
Gravity One antes 380,00 € ahora 249,00 €
911 Speaker 499,00 €
Gravity One Black Edition antes 380,00 € ahora 249,00 €
Space One Wireless antes 395,00 € ahora 299,00 €
Space One Wireless Black Edition antes 395,00 € ahora 299,00 €
Porsche Design 911 Soundbar 2.900,00 €

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Summer, heat and beachy breeze: Let the #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway Collection kick off the warm season and prepare yourself for the next trip by wearing #PorscheDesignFashion. Available at Porsche Design Stores and online.
The #PorscheDesign Flagship Store in Hamburg now offers an exciting mix of digital spaces, videos and animations as well as a freely accessible timepieces presentation.
The new #PorscheDesignTimepieces presentation in the Hamburg Flagship Store gives visitors the opportunity to experience the history and momentum of the latest #PorscheDesign watch models via a 98'' monitor and the innovative Hypebox.
#PorscheDesign proudly rolled-out a newly established timepieces retail concept in the Porsche Design Flagship Store Hamburg. Explore the lately created watch area with its dedicated, multi-sensory and interactive world around the competence and heritage of #PorscheDesignTimepieces.
As a forerunner in innovative eyewear, #PorscheDesign redefines cult classics, making sporty, yet stylish, statements through purist design. Explore the new 2019 Spring/Summer #PorscheDesignEyewear collection in Porsche Design Stores and online.
The unmistakeable silhouette, characteristic nose bridge, and revolutionary replaceable-lens-mechanism make the #PorscheDesign titanium #P8478 an iconic accessory. Now available in refreshing Neomint - one of 2019's hottest colors. #PorscheDesignEyewear
Take a stylish approach towards life with the new #PorscheDesign #P8671. Experience dynamic comfort with anatomically-molded temples and polarized lenses.
Retro reload: #PorscheDesign #P8686 sunglasses – the perfect companion on any trip. Their flat design lends these high-quality stainless steel aviators an exceptionally clean look and finish to this classic shape. 
The new #PorscheDesign #P8664 Visor is a veritable revolution in eyewear. Inspired by automotive engineering and continually refined over a four year period, this innovative Studio F. A. Porsche creation also received the 2019 #GermanDesignAward. 
The #PorscheDesign #P8674 is the perfect blend of minimalist design and casual style. The purist “Sidewall” mixes characteristics of lightweight performance and functionality, pairing them with an unforgettable silhouette. Discover #PorscheDesignEyewear for stylish, effective protection against the elements.
Retro style interpreted in a modern way: the #PorscheDesign #P8508 stainless steel aviator sunglasses are a counterpart of the #P8506 mono lens series and gives every look that extra something. Choose your favorite coloured lense and make #PorscheDesignEyewear the perfect match of your summer.
Marking the start of summer with the #PorscheDesign #P8478. Meet the first sunglasses in the world with an interchangeable lens mechanism to easily exchange and adapt to different light conditions. For stylish statements and purist design everyday. 
Sporty and stylish - the new #PorscheDesignEyewear collection is kicking off the sunny season and perfectly complementing our #PorscheDesign summer looks. Explore this year's must-haves at Porsche Design Stores and online.
This #PacificCoastHighway look truly stands out with the matching accessories: add #PorscheDesignEyewear or #PorscheDesignTimepieces to make your outfit ideal. 
#PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer19
This #PorscheDesign #FrenchClassicBriefbag with its typical structured surface is made of French Classic leather. The hand-brushed aluminium bar adds additional stability on the top inside. 
#PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway
Pure freedom and driving pleasure: These attributes were the source of inspiration for the new #PorscheDesign #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway Collection. Details inspired by motorsports give the collection’s individual pieces that typical Porsche Design look. 

911 Carrera S: Fuel consumption combined CO2 emissions combined: 9.5 – 8.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 223 – 20) g/km
The essence of the unmistakable #Porsche911 is also conveyed through the refined design and silhouette of the #PorscheDesign #911ChronographTimelessMachine Limited Edition.