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P' 8679 | Sunglasses

Performance in a minimalist package. Porsche Design P'8679 sunglasses feature an innovative element that is both functional and eye-catching: wire-cut notches along the tapered temples create a resilient “flex zone”.

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P'8676 Sunglasses

Porsche Design performance meets Bauhaus design. Porsche Design P'8676 sunglasses feature clear forms rendered in efficient materials: quality stainless steel is used for the top section of the purist frame. Below, the lenses are cradled by an invisible yet highly stable threaded structure.

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P'8682 | Sunglasses

Two iconic designs, brought together in one unique pair of glasses: Porsche Design P'8682 sunglasses combine a classic aviator design with the legendary forms of Bauhaus. Inspired by the tubular steel construction of Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair.

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