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  • Racer Flyline Nappa White Edition
    Racer Flyline Nappa White Edition 375,00 €
  • Loafer Velours
    Loafer Velours 275,00 €
  • XLUltralight Mesh
    XLUltralight Mesh 345,00 €
  • XLUltralight Carbon Design
    XLUltralight Carbon Design 345,00 €
  • Racer Velours Mesh
    Racer Velours Mesh 295,00 €
  • XLight Cupsole SO Canvas
    XLight Cupsole SO Canvas 275,00 €
  • Cupsole Velours
    Cupsole Velours 195,00 €
  • XLight Cupsole Canvas
    XLight Cupsole Canvas 295,00 €
  • XLExtralight SO Calf Tumbled
    XLExtralight SO Calf Tumbled 295,00 €
  • Racer
    Racer 295,00 €
  • Racer Flyline Carbon Black Edition
    Racer Flyline Carbon Black Edition 395,00 €
  • Chelsea Boot Nappa
    Chelsea Boot Nappa 295,00 €
  • Pierre Racer Carbon
    Pierre Racer Carbon 345,00 €
  • Beverly Hills Carbon Design
    Beverly Hills Carbon Design 295,00 €
  • Cupsole
    Cupsole 195,00 €
  • Business Casual GY Velours Double Monk
    Business Casual GY Velours Double Monk 395,00 €

Exclusive men’s shoes

Sophisticated and sharp in every situation

On average, a man takes about 1,500 steps a day. Covering this kind of distance is a cinch with shoes made by Porsche Design. Whether with a stylish nappa boot, an athletic leather sneaker or an elegant low-cut loafer shoe, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. High-quality materials are paired with flawless workmanship create business and casual foot-wear for the fashion-conscious man.

Highest standards for quality and performance

Impeccable and precise processing of high quality materials ensures maximum wearability and comfort. Upper materials made of calf leather, some even hand brushed, not only give the men's shoes a stylish appearance, but also make them particularly resistant to moisture and dirt. Being on the move has never been so easy, thanks to Porsche Design’s lightweight rubber and leather soles, often constructed from one single piece.

Exclusive. Stylish. Smart.

The influence of motorsports on the men’s shoe collection by Porsche Design is unmistakable: shoes are inspired by the legendary F.A. Porsche Genuine Driving Shoe and leather designs with Porsche Design’s typical TecFlex structure are just a few examples of this passion. Every shoe in the men’s collection features Porsche Design’s signature style details.

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