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Exclusive smartwatch

Technical Revolution – Luxury on your wrist

The exclusive smartwatch by Porsche Design is pure luxury on your wrist. The clean, sleek design of this smart accessory combines modernity and timelessness – for a sharp everyday look and exclusive feel.

Inspired by racing sports

State-of-the-art technology meets design expertise since 1972: Porsche Design’s exclusive electronic products combine latest technology, highest quality standards and sophisticated materials. Inspired by the dashboard of a Porsche sports car: the unique design of the speedometer bezel and a Porsche Design dial with one-touch chronograph function. A black, high-quality, DLC-coated watch case completes the overall package.

Maximum performance in terms of technology and functionality

A unique design meets the smart features of Android Wear 2.0: Real-time heart rate sensor, a personal running coach with GPS tracking and VO2 Max measurement make this exclusive smartwatch your ideal workout buddy. In addition to answering phone calls and making mobile payments, the watch can be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC.