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Porsche Design 180 Eau de Toilette

TVA incluse


Expédition standard: 2-5 jours ouvrables, livraison gratuite, retour gratuit.

Les détails

PORSCHE DESIGN 180 is an elegant yet masculine creation around unique and refined ingredients. Invigorating freshness (of Lemon oil) meets incisive spiciness (of Cardamom) for an explosive duo. Aromatic and spicy facets (of Clary Sage oil and Black Pepper oil) reveal a daring masculinity magnified by an energizing Iced Coffee cocktail. A refined and noble woodiness (expressed by a Cedarwood and Vetiver) contrasts with a rich Vanilla Bean scent for a memorable and addictive trail. With a 180 degree turn, this distinctive bottle can be opened and closed refined. Technical twist, pure elegance and strong masculinity result in PORSCHE DESIGN 180.

Le volume

50 ML

Conseils d'entretien

À conserver dans un endroit sec et sombre.