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    It’s About Time” to look back on 50 years of design history. We take you through a journey through the past, present and future of Porsche Design at various anniversary exhibitions and events. Discover how design icons come to life once more as we look back at the past 50 years.
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    Special 360° 50-Year Exhibition

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    50 Years of Porsche Design

    It's about time": Under this motto, in the first half of 2022, the Porsche Museum presented a special exhibit for the first time – a journey through the history of an extraordinary brand and its founder Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The exhibit brought many aspects of Porsche to life in an impressive way, such as the thinking behind engineering decisions, the world of design offices, and the racetracks that inspire those uniquely functional products that are characteristic of Porsche Design.
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    50Y – a Tribute to 1972

    For the 50th anniversary, a 911 Targa from 1972 returns in an impressive form. The one-of-a-kind item from the founding year of Porsche Design has been intricately restored. The Chronograph I, the first wristwatch derived from the cockpit of the 911, also returns as a counterpart to the classic car and as a tribute to the founding of the company. The Chronograph 1 – 1972 Limited Edition is visually true to the original, but technically state of the art. 

    Impressions of the Special Exhibition

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    Event gallery

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    18. - 20.08.2022 | MONTEREY


    Look forward to the review of the exclusive car show in California.
    Learn more
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    19. - 22.07.2022 | GRÖBMING


    Impressions of the iconic car race in front of picturesque landscape in Gröbming.
    Discover now
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    12–18 June 2022 | Poconos, Pennsylvania

    Porsche Parade

    Learn more about one of the most legendary Porsche events staged annually by the PCA Porsche Club of America.
    Learn more
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    23.06.2022 | Hamburg


    It's about time to celebrate:
    Anniversary celebration in the Hamburg Porsche Design Store.
    Learn more
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    29–31 January 2022 | Zell am See

    GP ICE RACE 2022

    Take a look back at the 2022 GP Ice Race, the event that kicked off Porsche Design’s 50th anniversary year.
    Learn more
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    01/18 | Porsche Museum Stuttgart

    Digital 50Y Launch Event

    Join us digitally and experience the kickoff of the special 50th Anniversary year.
    learn more
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