Trainingsjacke – MARTINI RACING®

Número do artigo: WAP5510XS0M0MR

Sportliche Trainingsjacke für Herren aus der Porsche Lifestyle MARTINI RACING® Collection. Mit vom 917 KH inspirierten Badges.

CHF 164.00

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Anyone who wants to be a champion, has to train like a champion - and also look the part if possible. Fortunately that's easy with the lightweight men's training jacket from the Porsche Lifestyle MARTINI RACINGⓇ collection. The badges are inspired by the Porsche 917 KH from 1971. Two side pockets provide space for the important stuff when training: keys, mobile phone and above all: motivation.


  • Shoulders and sleeves adorned with MARTINI RACING® stripes.
  • Badges inspired by the Porsche 917 KH.
  • Tonal Porsche print on the back.
  • With two side pockets.